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The Decision Support Tool is a sector leading resource that can show you how cost effective hydrogen technologies can be in your community and all over Europe!

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Release of the Enabling Support Tool

To support the Gencomm project, an Enabling Support Tool (EST) is being developed to support local authorities,  transport and bus companies in implementing the concepts, for example by identifying the ideal bus routes that are suitable for the use of hydrogen buses. In addition to the pure use of hydrogen, possible variants for economically valid mixed bus fleets (hydrogen, electric and diesel) are identified. Click the button below or in “Hydrogen Tools” in the menu bar to get started

Follow this link for a questionnaire to help us continuously improve the EST:

Renewable Smart Hydrogen for a Sustainable Future

As renewable sources continue their penetration into the global energy mix, they face a series of challenges that can jeopardise their future growth. The use of hydrogen as an energy carrier can mitigate these challenges by acting as a buffer between energy demand and supply, enabling increased, flexible renewable energy supplies.

Read how Smart hydrogen can foster further renewable growth and get to those parts of our energy system which have yet to be penetrated by sustainable energy supply.