About CH2F

The Community Hydrogen Forum (CH2F) is a platform designed to help everyone understand the opportunities hydrogen technologies offer, especially in Northwest Europe. The platform is intended to be a forum for national, regional, and local governments, energy agencies, community development groups, energy cooperatives, educational institutions, renewable energy developers, transport sectors, and grid operators. In fact, any stakeholder from Ireland, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Germany is encouraged to participate as a member of CH2F. The main objectives of CH2F can be summarised as;

  1. To raise awareness of the potential of hydrogen in sustainable community development, decarbonisation, and energy security.
  2. To offer a forum to share information, experience and best practice of how communities and projects are deploying hydrogen across north west Europe.
  3. To provide an up-to-date, informed resource for hydrogen information
  4. To provide access to a unique ‘decision support tool’ (DST) to assist in evaluating how hydrogen technologies can be deployed in individual scenarios
  5. To play a role in developing long term strategies for the advancement in adoption of hydrogen technologies.

The Objectives

CH2F is one of the key outputs of the ‘GENerating energy secure COMMunities through smart Renewable Hydrogen’ (GENCOMM) project. This €9.3 million project started in 2016, and has delivered the DST model, made available via the CH2F.

The project validates the maturity of hydrogen technologies by implementing 3 pilot plants that link the 3 main north-west Europe renewable sources (Solar Power, Wind Power, and Bioenergy) with energy storage and the main forms of energetic demand (Heat, Power and Transportation fuels). Information from these plants are used to inform the modelling work.

The online map-based DST is a tool to assist relevant stakeholders in the assessment and implementation of hydrogen technology. The use of the DST, via the CH2F portal, will help refine and improve the development  of the portal and promote hydrogen as an energy storage solution.

CH2F was launched in autumn 2019 and will be administered by NUI Galway until end of 2020. After this administration will pass to Hydrogen Ireland or another equivalent body.

All the stakeholders can register for free through the website. Once registered, user will have access to the DST.